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Immigration and visa assistance for employees, individual workers and new businesses.

Working in a foreign country can mean changing life for someone or getting business opportunities for someone else. There are many reasons for which people want to move, but in any case immigration laws can represent an obstacle if not dealt with properly.

Our relocation & immigration agency don’t provide job recruitment and obtaining documents for seasonal work in Italy.

Based in Italy and operating since 2013, our company offers consultancy provided by a certified immigration lawyer and explained by our multilingual staff. Obtaining an Italian Visa enables the applicant to travel and, in some cases, work around the European Union without any restriction.
The most common typologies of Working Visa are:
  • Employment Visa in Italy: to obtain an employment Visa for an extra EU citizen, it is necessary that a registered local company requires the employment of the applicant. The employer must match strict financial and operative requirements in order and must go through a complicated process to request the employment of a foreign citizen. Employment requests for generic workers are often rejected by the Immigration Authorities; only specialized workers that can prove high education or specific know-how are likely to go through the immigration process by requesting a Blue Card Visa. Foreign companies owning a local branch have more chances to successfully transfer their workers thanks to the staff detachment process.
  • Self-Employment Visa in Italy:  This type of Visa is issued to non-EU citizens who are running their own business. The most common typologies of Self-Employment Visas are related to individual businesses, corporate figures, innovative start up. The requirements to obtain a Self-Employment Visa are very strict and include financial guarantees, education, know-how, certified turnover and resources of the company. For most of individuals or small businesses it is advisable to request a Self-Employment Visa only after their company has reached relevant volumes in the country of application.
  • Conversion from Student to Work: it is very common that many non-EU citizens do not match the requirements to request an Employment or Self-Employment Visa. It is, however, possible to successfully go through the immigration process by requesting a Student Visa, which is much easier to obtain. Once the applicant is in the new country, during the studies, which in some cases do not require mandatory or full-time attendance, can search for a job, look for business opportunities or open and run its own local company. Our company can assist with the school enrollment in certified institutes that can provide the requirements to obtain a Student Visa and manage the request of Conversion to Work once the job or the business has been set by the applicant.

Consultancy about the opportunites to request Italian Work Visa can be done in our offices in Italy or from remote by e-conference with the main systems of communication; our staff is at your disposal to provide information in the main languages.

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