Real Estate Investments

Find out how to earn your property through transitional rentals from 3 to 12 months to foreign companies and individuals of the Y-Nos circuit

Y-Nos provides purchase consulting services of residential properties for both investment and housing purposes.

Thanks to the assistance and network of Y-Nos, both Italian and foreign companies, and individuals can buy properties directly from builders, from private individuals or selected agencies in a rapid, safe and profitable manner.

Y-Nos offers investors a package that includes assistance compete from the analysis, looking up to ‘purchase that provides for the following services:

  • Analysis and explanation of the market and trends
  • Verification and analysis of investment requirements
  • Projection of profitability in the medium term
  • Property search
  • Organization of visits
  • Assistance in negotiation
  • Confirmation of the building and the endorser
  • Support in the sale
  • Fiscal and administrative compliance
  • Tax and bureaucratic advice

In the case of purchases for investment, the property then has the possibility of entrusting the management of the property to Y-Nos for income generation through leases with carefully selected transient clients.

The solutions proposed by Y-Nos offer the owner the guarantee of flexible rentals, selected clientele, plus dedicated assistance from lodging professionals to meet every need.

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