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The EU Blue Card is a residence work permit in one of the 25 member states of Europe for highly qualified specialists from third countries. High qualifications are defined as a university degree holders. It can be requested at any time of the year, as it is not subject to immigration quota restrictions.

The Blue Card was designed to fill personnel needs and make Europe more attractive to highly skilled professionals who previously preferred to immigrate to America, Canada or Australia.

The conditions for the Carta Blu EU in all European countries can be checked on the EU immigration portal.

In June 2022 the Blu Card in Italy process has changed, now the immigration offices are issuing an electronic document Nulla Osta. This greatly reduces the time from obtaining a permit to obtaining a visa in the applicant’s country of permanent residence.

Please note that we don’t provide job search in Italy. To find job, please find recruiter companies or contact HR of  company directly. Once you have a job offer, we will take care of all bureaucratic issues and in legal and quick way get all documents done. 

Main requirements in Italy

In order to obtain a work permit, the applicant must match the following requirements:

Higher education

The employee must have at least a 3-year degree and, if necessary, a professional qualification (if the proposed position requires this qualification).

Job offer availability

The applicant must submit a job offer or a valid employment contract from an Italy-based company. The job offer can be for 1 year as well as for an indefinite period.


The salary offered must be at least €24,789.

Position and profession

The position offered in Italy must belong to the category of highly qualified positions. In Italy, usually, depending on the type of contract, the level for Carta Blu EU should be from level 3 (head of department or chief specialist) to level 1 (Top managers).


Our team of experts helps with the analysis of the employer and evaluates the chances of getting a Blue Card in Italy. There are many details to take into account when making the request. Very often the requirements differ from city to city. The easiest and fastest process for applying for a Blu Card is in Milan. After assessing the possibility of successfully obtaining a Blue Card in Italy, an immigration lawyer will submit the request on your behalf and take care of the authorization.

To learn more about immigration services, just contact our staff on WhatsApp or by sending us a request by e-mail: Our specialists will contact you as soon as possible.

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