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Discover how our experts can assist you and your family to immigrate to Italy.

One of the best countries for emigration from the CIS to Europe is Italy. It is a country with a rich history, amazing culture, warm climate and lovely people.

Our company provides consulting assistance, starting from assessing the type of immigration that is more suitable for each specific case to obtaining all necessary permits to enter the country for long-term residence, at all phases of work the client is accompanied by a personal dedicated manager.
Moving to another country means a change in life or an opportunity to build and/or develop a business; when moving, people each pursue different goals, but in any case, immigration laws to Italy can be an obstacle if not properly considered.

Why emigrate to Italy?

Family emigration is currently trending, there are a number of main ways to move to Italy for permanent residence:

Elective Residency

Residence permit for owners of passive income and those wishing to permanently reside in Italy.

Study in Italy

When applying for training for 8 months or more, you can apply for visas and residence permits for the whole family.

Blue Card

A job offer from an Italian company will make it easier for an employee and family to move.


Investments in various projects will help to obtain a work permit and documents for the family.

Business immigration to Europe is considered an excellent opportunity to move. It provides great opportunities to promote and expand your business. For many, a residence permit in Italy is necessary in order to develop their business outside the CIS, optimize taxes and work with European clients and banks without problems.

The advantages of obtaining a residence permit in Italy:

  • Free medical care for applicants and their families
  • Visa-free entry through the territory of the Schengen countries.
  • The possibility of permanent residence in Italy. At the same time, there is no need to be permanently on the territory of the state.
  • It is possible to request a permanent residence permit in the EU after 5 years, and after another 10 it is possible to apply for a European passport.

Family immigration to Italy

When moving to Italy, it is enough for one family member to receive a Type D national visa on one of the grounds mentioned above. For the rest of the family (spouses, children and parents), our lawyer issues a special permit for Family Support.
To obtain this permit, it’s necessary to document kinship with family members (documents must be apostilled and translated into Italian at the Italian Consulate). The time to receive a document for family support depends on the city of residence in Italy, it can vary from 10 days to 2 months.


Family accompaniment

Obtaining a special permit to accompany family members is available for those who wish to move to Italy at the same time as their spouse.

Family Reunion

The practice of “Family Reunification” allows citizens of non-EU countries with a residence permit in Italy to obtain a residence permit for their close relatives.

How we work?

When working with our clients, we carefully study the needs of our clients, their desires and dreams of a future life. Most of them apply to the company with the main purpose of obtaining a coveted permanent residence in Italy. To do this, you need to live in the country for 5 years, our company accompanies customers throughout this time.
Our experts will advise you and select the most effective way of immigration for you and your family, we will select suitable housing, take care of obtaining a residence permit in Italy, obtaining a tax number in Italy, find and enroll children in school in Italy, help with starting a business and obtaining permanent residence in Italy.

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