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Are you looking for accommodation in Italy and discover to have misunderstandings with real estate agents and landlords? Let us help you find the perfect place to suit your needs!

Finding accommodation in a foreign country can be hard and time-consuming, especially without knowledge of the real estate market and rental conditions; this is exactly the kind of situation that we have created a personalized Accommodation Finding program service for individuals and corporate clients moving to Italy, specialized in medium to long-term leases.

What do you need to know to rent a house in Italy?

Before renting a house in Italy you need to know the most important points that will explain you how the real estate market in Italy works and what documents you have to prepare to rent an apartment / villa in Italy. In case if you rent a house from landlord directly or through real estate agencies or property managers the type of contract and security deposits conditions may vary. Let’s check the main conditions.

Types of contracts

There are currently 5 types of residential contracts:

  • Freely negotiated tenancy agreements (long-term leases 4 years + 4 years)
  • Regulated tenancy agreement (long-term leases 3 years + 2 years)
  • Short-term lease contract (transit contract for maximum of 18 months)
  • Rental contracts for university students (from 6 months to 3 years)

In any type of the contract, you have to take in consideration:

  • duration of the rent. Depends on the contracts, the duration of the contract may vary.
  • maximum quantity of occupants in the apartment. By Italian regulation, for legal use of the apartment, its required min m2 per person. For 1 person required min 28 m2, for 2 persons – min 38 m2, for 3 persons – min 44 m2, for 4 persons – min 56 m2.
  • terms terminate the contract. The tenant can give notice of their desire to leave the house before the termination date. Notice must be given 2-6 months in advance depends on the agreement.
  • property rules and condominium regulations. The landlord have right to put in the contract property rules like no animals, parties, subrent or other restrictions. Also in all contract tenant accept to respect condominium regulations, which must be provided in advance to the tenant.
  • mostly cost. It’s necessary to check what is included in the rent fee. Generally it’s included only rent fee and condominium fee. All other expenses are paid separately in long-term contract. In case of transit contacts from property managers the utilities are included with some limits.
House utilities

These are some typical utilities to be paid by tenant in an Italian rental:

  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Heating
  • Garbage taxes
  • Internet
  • Phone line
  • TV taxes
Documents to rent an house in Italy

In case if you want a house you have to prepare some documents:

  • identity document (passport)

  • italian tax number
  • permit of stay (for non-EU citizens)
  • financial guarantee to pay the rent fee (tax declaration, bank statement, bank guarantee, sponsor documents)

For the transit contract is required to dimostrate with documents the presence in the city for a transit period: mobility due to your job, study needs, internships, vocational training, or job search.

In case if you are just moving to Italy and you miss some documents, our relocation agency will help you to prepare this documents and negotiate with the landlord and real estate agents to close the deal.

What we offer for our clients

Our staff is ready to select a property for you according to your requirements. We offer our clients a variety of home selection programs, which include additional services to help facilitate your move to Italy and to help you immerse yourself in a new life.

  1. Housing Market Overview
  2. Analysis to determine housing needs
  3. Home search up (to 20 properties)
  4. Arrangement for property visits
  5. Property Application procedure support
  6. Lease Summary in English
  7. Move-in checklist and guidance
  8. Accompanied visits and move in inspection
  9. Utilities set-up: electricity, gas, internet


Upon request we also provide services with cleaning service, transfers from airport, private driver for visits, parking space/garage finding process and assistance for termination leasing contarts and closing contracts for the utilities

The services are available for individual and corporate clients. If you have any questions or would like to know more, please contact our staff via Contact Us, email info@y-nos.com, or phone +39 380 370 7076 (Whatsapp/Telegram) or send us a request for an apartment for rent in Italy.

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