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Would you like to get a permit for self-employment, but you don't know how to do it? We provide immigration solutions to obtain Visa in quick and safe way.

Self-Employment in Italy: how it works and who can apply

If you’re a non-EU citizen and you want to move to Italy and work as a self-employed individual, you will need an Italy Self-Employment Visa.

The Italy Self-Employment visa is a type of Italian long-stay visa (national or D-visa). This is the type of visa you must apply for if you intend to work as a freelancer or open business in Italy.

What are the Types of Italy Self Employment Visas?

Every year, the Italian government issues self-employment visas for specific professions. However, the self-employment visas are:

  • The Italy Corporate Figure

Issued to foreign nationals appointed by officials (CEO, board member, auditor) of Italian companies (Srl, Spa) operating for at least 3 years may apply for a visa for self-employment. The foreigner will be required to provide proof of appointment to the position of officer and financial according with a company. It is also important that the Italian company can prove its financial stability and turnover.

  • The Italy Startup Visa

Issued to foreigners wanting to open or enter an innovative company in Italy (required investment of no less than €50,000).

  • The Italy Freelancer Visa

Issued to individuals who intend to take up self-employed, freelance work and do not have a company who want to hire them.

  • The Italy Consultant Freelancer Visa

Issued to individuals who intend to take up self-employed, freelance work for an italian company who want to collaborate with them.

  • The Italy Entrepreneur Visa

Issued to foreigners who want to implement an investment plan (of no less than €500,000) that is beneficial to Italian economy.

When Self-Employment Visa can be required?

Unfortunately, it’s non possible apply for an Italy self-employment visa anytime.

Italy has an immigration policy in place when it comes to how many work visas is will issue on a yearly basis.

This immigration program is called a Decreto Flussi (translated to “Flow Decree”). Every year, the Italian government opens the Decreto Flussi for a few months. That is the only time that non-EU nationals can apply for an Italian work visa. With the Decreto Flussi, Italy offers permit of stay conversion, self-employment request and other seasonal works.


There is also a set quota of how many request they will issue. In 2023, Italy offered 38.705 work permissions overall, out of which, 500 are for self-employment.

Despite the quotas, obtaining a work visa for self-employment is extremely difficult. That’s why advise to hire an immigration lawyer and relocation experts to exam the situation, find the best solution, to obtain Nulla Osta Lavoro Autonomo, prepare all necessary documents & get Visa and Residence Permit in Italy.

There is also a set quota of how many request they will issue. In 2023, Italy offered 38.705 work permissions overall, out of which, 500 are for self-employment.

Our relocation & immigration agency don’t provide job recruitment and obtaining documents for seasonal work in Italy.

The process to get Self-Employment Visa:

When Decreto Flussi is pubblished and request period opened (its required to check if quota has not been filled), Its neccessary to get authorization to work in Italy (which called Nulla Osta). In addition, before request of Nulla Osta sometimes is required to register a business and receive required certifications to perform that job.


Consultation with immigration lawyer to choose the suitable solution for your case

Documents preparation

Preparation proof of university degree, power of attorney, request of other authorizations

Nulla Osta request

Request of the Nulla Osta by immigration lawyer in the local offices

Visa & Residence Permit

After obtaining Nulla Osta, booking accommodation, request for a Visa at the Italian Consulate.

  • Nulla Osta can only be issued in the Local Autorizied Offices in Italy. This means you will have to hire an immigration consultancy agency to submit an application in Italy on behalf of the client. The Nulla Osta must be submit at the local Immigration Desk.
  • Once the Local Authorization approve issue of Nulla Osta, its possible to apply for the Italy Self-Employment Visa in the Italian Consulate.
  • Once you receive the Visa and arrive in Italy, you will have to register your business with the Trade Chamber, Tax Agency and City Hall: require permit of stay and process with all other documents.

How we can help with the request:

Our team of experts helps with the analysis of the situation and evaluates the chances of getting a Self-Employment Visa in Italy. There are many details to take into account when making the request. Very often the requirements differ from city to city. After assessing the possibility of successfully obtaining a Self-Employment Visa Nulla Osta in Italy, an immigration lawyer will submit the request on your behalf and take care of the authorization.

Immigration for family members

After one of the family members receives a national type D visa in Italy, for the rest of the family members (spouses and children), our lawyer issues a special permit for Family Accompaniment.

To obtain this Family Nulla Osta & Visa, it is necessary to document the relationship with family members (documents must be apostilled and translated into Italian at the Italian consulate) and book an accommodation sufficient for all family members in Italy. The time for obtaining a document for Family Accompaniment depends on the city in Italy (it can vary from 10 days to 4 months).

At your request, it is possible to organize a consultation in our office or even online to discuss further details.

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