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Rely on the expertise of professional consultants taking care of the main requirements to start your business in Italy.

The Business Setup Consultancy is dedicated to companies and individuals starting a new or existing business in Italy.

Opening a business in a foreign country is always a big challenge involving a wide set of expertise, ranging from legal to immigration and taxation matters.
Our consultants can provide specific information in the following areas:
  •  Company setup: there are several types of companies that a foreign citizen can open, ranging from an SRL to a local branch or a representative office. Each type of company has its own features and laws to consider; our consultants will explain the differences, providing assistance to find the most suitable company type for any specific kind of business.
  • Taxation: each company and/or personal business is subject to specific taxation and accountancy practices. Our advisors are expert in assisting foreign businesses in optimizing taxation according to the business model and company type.
  • Immigration: opening a business often requires immigration practices to enable the business owner and/or the staff to work in the new country. Our immigration lawyer works in synergy with the business consultant to find a better solution for any immigration purpose of the new business.
Since the subjects to address to open a new business are many, our company provides one dedicated business consultant working in the team with a pool of experts in order to provide 360°information to set up the business safely, rapidly and efficiently.
A preliminary consultancy is necessary to provide a general assessment of the requirements and purposes of the new business and will help the owner to get an insight of the business and legal framework and processes to start the local operations.
The information and documents acquired during the process will constitute the tools to make the best decisions for the future of the business.
The Business Setup Consultancy is available for both companies and individuals in the main languages.

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