Accompanying family member visa

A special permit for accompanying family members is available for those who wish to move with their spouse to Italy.

Is your spouse planning to move to Italy for a long-term period of work or study and you would like to move together at the same time?

In this case, we have an excellent solution: if one family member already has a visa D, but does not have the income from work in Italy, which is necessary to obtain the Nulla Osta for Family reunion, the accompanying  family member Visa (Nulla Osta “Famigliare al Seguito”) is an excellent alternative. This type of document is the fastest and most efficient option for family immigration to Italy.

It is possible to accompany the following category of people:

  • Spouse in an official marriage
  • Minor children under the age of 18
  • Adult children who are unable to support themselves for health or disability reasons.

Permission to accompany a family member can also be granted if the spouse has been enrolled in a long-term study course at an official educational institution in Italy (valid also for Italian language courses in Milan).

In order to apply for the Accompanying family member Visa(Nulla Osta “Famigliare al Seguito”), it is necessary to confirm the relationship with the family member to be accompanied during the stay. Other important documents are – financial guarantee, place of residence which is sufficient for all family members, as well as an invitation on the basis of which the spouse’s D visa was obtained.

Our staff will appreciate the possibility of issuing documents for the family and the lawyer will take care of the correct execution of the request and receipt of all necessary documents.

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