Investor Visa

Learn how to quickly and securely obtain a visa for investors if you are planning to invest in Italy.

In December 2016 the Italian government introduced a new program to obtain a permit of stay for investment in the country’s economy.

Foreign citizens have several investment options to obtain an investor visa:
  • from € 50.000 for the creation and development of “innovative start-up” (most of the profit should be spent on the development of innovative technologies);
  • from € 250.000 in “innovative start-up” (INVESTOR VISA program);
  • from € 500.000 to local existing and new companies (INVESTOR VISA program);
  • from € 1 million to a charitable organization (INVESTOR VISA Program);
  • from € 2 million in Italian government bonds (INVESTOR VISA program)
The funds invested in the economy of the country must have the exclusive legal origin, their presence and origin must be confirmed.
Within 8 days from the moment of crossing the Italian border on a newly issued visa, the applicant must request a residence permit valid for 2 years, the issued document is called permesso di soggiorno “per investitori”. If all the requirements of the bill are fulfilled, the residence permit can be extended for another 3 years. The third time for the extension, when the total is 5 years of residence in the country, the investor has the right to file a request for permanent residence (permanent residence status). After 10 years of permanent residence in the country, the investor has the right to apply for citizenship.
Close family members of the main applicant can also receive an accompanying visa without difficulty and without investment on their behalf.
If the applicant does not plan to become a tax resident in Italy, his Italian income will be taxed according to established rules: from 23 to 43% depending on the amount of income received.
If the applicant plans to be a tax resident in Italy, then he must pay taxes in Italy on global income. Income tax is calculated on a progressive scale to 43% (plus regional and municipal taxes of about 1-2%). Some items of income (including most financial revenues) are subject to a fixed tax of 26% (in some cases, 12.5%).
Non-resident individuals wishing to transfer their tax residency to Italy may qualify for a special tax regime that provides for full exemption from foreign income. Under this regime, taxpayers are required to pay an annual tax of € 100,000 for the main applicant and € 25,000 for each member of the family, including children. Additional taxation is not required if foreign income is transferred to Italy.

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