Local Branch Setup

Rely on our experts to open a local branch in a foreign country safely and rapidly.

Opening a local branch can bring enormous benefits to a company operating in a foreign market.

A local branch can be registered in Italy and other EU countries enabling a foreign company to develop the local market, manage operations, perform sales and  having a stable local organization.
Even if it’s a great opportunity, the process can be complicated and time consuming; our experts can entirely manage the opening process and take care of all the legal and administrative obligations.
There are two main typologies of local branch:
  • Representative Office enables to open a local office and obtaining a VAT number through which the company is officially registered in the local market. However a representative office cannot perform sales and costs can be deducted only from the controlling company.
  • SRL (similar to LTD) is a fully operative company enabling to perform all the operations, to hire staff and to deduct costs. The local company is still affiliated to the foreign controller, but it is an individual legal subject with full autonomy.
For both solutions our experts can entirely manage the setup process, assisting to find a better solution for any specific requirement.
On request our staff can assist also with translations, specific consultancies and documents retrieval.

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