Tax Representative

The Tax Representative enables foreign companies to sell their products or services complying with the VAT obligations of the local market.

Nominating a Tax Representative is a quick and cost effective solution enabling foreign companies to trade and operate in the local market without opening a local branch.

The Tax Representative is responsible for complying with VAT obligations in the local market on behalf of the following subjects: 
  • non resident subjects (individuals or companies) without any stable organization in the country.
  • non resident financial institutions or brokers (not based in one country in the taxation black list) not in possession of local Tax or VAT Number.
The Tax Representative is the ideal solution also for foreign companies looking to sell their product to the final customer (for instance via e-commerce or Amazon) without opening a local branch.
The nomination and registration process can be entirely managed by our experts in approximately 3 weeks; our company can assist with both the nomination of a third party or, upon request, we can become your local Tax Representative
Our staff can also provide assistance with the accountancy, customs and importation process; these tasks will be quoted separately according to your company’s requirements and business projections.

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