Representative Office

Establish a local representative office in our business centers or with the virtual office service.

Opening a representative office is the fastest and most cost effective way to enter a local market.

Thanks to a representative office, a foreign company can be registered as a legal entity and has full right to promote its business in the local market.
Representative offices are commonly used for marketing, networking and corporate image purposes. Taxation, setup and accountancy costs are very low, but there are some severe limitations to the company’s activities.
A representative office cannot produce income in the local market and costs cannot be deducted since there is no obligation to produce an accountancy statement. Costs can however be deducted from the controlling company abroad producing evidence and documentation about the relationship between the two companies.
Our staff of consultants can manage the  representative office setup process and provide consultancy about its permissions, benefits and limitations.
In order to open a representative office, it is necessary to nominate a legal office; our company can provide 360° solutions for any requirement, such as:
  • Virtual Office: the company can be registered in a business center for legal purposes; this is the most cost effective way to run a representative office. Offices and meeting rooms can then be rented in case of need on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Remote Office: this option adds to the Virtual Office the benefit of a dedicated telephone line with staff managing calls as your company’s staff members. Also, deliveries and mail will be managed by our reception service.
  • Serviced Office: this option offers a real serviced offices and meeting rooms inclusive of utilities, reception and any facilities. The offices are avilable on a hourly, daily or monthly basis offering maximum flexibility and comfort.
  • Office Finding Program: our staff can assist finding the perfect office for your requirements, assisting with the  rental contract, legal obligations and office & utilities setup. Upon request, our staff can also find local staff and service providers to run standard office operations.
Our staff is at your disposal to find the better solution for your requirements; entering a foreign market is easier with us.


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