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Would you like to get a permit for self-employment, but you don't know how to do it? Y-Nos provides a range of services designed to address the most varied requests: call and you will have personalized advice!

The type and number of Lavoro Autonomo permits available to foreign nationals are determined by an annual decree on quotas.

Work permit for self-employed people may be issued to foreign nationals who meet the following requirements

  • Availability of housing in Italy (ownership or rental)
  • Financial resources exceeding the statutory minimum level for exemption from health care contributions (€8,500);
  • Work permit (Nulla Osta) in Italy;

The categories of visas for self-employed include the following activities:

  • Employees of an existing Italian company

Foreign nationals appointed by officials (CEO, board member, auditor) of Italian companies (Srl, Spa) operating for at least 3 years may apply for a visa for self-employment. The foreigner will be required to provide proof of appointment to the position of officer and receipt of salary from an Italian company. It is also important that the Italian company can prove its financial stability and turnover.

  • Italian startup entrepreneurs

The visa is intended for foreign citizens who intend to create an innovative startup business or join an existing startup company.

  • Freelancers

This visa can be obtained by freelancers who do not have a company that wants to hire them or sponsors their work permit. Visa issuance is regulated by the Italian quota system, which is established annually. Despite the quotas, obtaining a work visa for self-employment is extremely difficult. Most consulates have a very restrictive policy and are very cautious about issuing a visa to an applicant who cannot guarantee stable employment and substantial wages.

Y-Nos, founded in 2013 in Milan, provides full support to its clients, both during the consultation phase and during the process of obtaining all the necessary permits and documents.

Highly qualified and competent staff will provide you with individual advice on the type of activity that will indicate the expected turnover and income.


Our relocation & immigration agency don’t provide job recruitment and obtaining documents for seasonal work in Italy.

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