Immigration in Italy

Immigration consulting is the better way to find the immigration solutions according to any specific purpose.

Moving to a foreign country can mean changing life for someone or catching a business opportunity for someone else; there are many reasons for which people want to move, but in any case immigration laws can represent an obstacle if not dealt with properly.

Based in Italy and operating since 2012, our company offers consultancy provided by a certified immigration lawyer and explained by our multilingual staff. Obtaining an Italian Visa enables the applicant to travel and, in some cases, work around the European Union without any restriction.

Our company can assist from the consultancy, necessary to assess which type of Visa is more appropriate for the specific case, to the request and obtaining process providing assistance of one dedicated expert for the whole duration of the service.

Consulting can be done in our offices in Italy or from remote by e-conference with the main systems of communication; our staff is at disposal to provide information in the main languages.

To learn more about our services, please do not hesitate to contact our staff via Contact Us, email, or phone (whats app) +39 02 8982 7311.

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