Investment Immigration

Special immigration programs and visa assistance for investors and new businesses.

Thanks to its industry, history and famous brands, Italy is the fourth biggest economy in Europe. Even with a complex taxation system, Italy offers great investment opportunities that can be exploited with the right know-how.

Bilateral agreements between country and Italy enable the citizen to establish and administrate a business without residing permanently in Italy.
It is possible to enter the country with a simple tourist visa, that enables the holder to stay in Italy and Europe up to 90 days, and to open and manage a company without any restriction. However, in order for the legal representative to live in Italy, a suitable permit of stay is required.
In order to obtain a permit of stay for work, which also allows its holder to obtain a family reunion visa for relatives, it is necessary to prove, among other requirements, that the company produces enough income to support its foreign staff.
After the first renewal of the permit of stay, it is possible to apply for a 5-year permanent residency and live in most EU countries. Italian citizenship can also be requested after 10 years of registration.
For the success of any investment and business, it is important to understand local laws correctly; in particular taxation and accountancy are very complicated in Italy. Having a clear understanding of the law prevents future problems and helps to find quick and efficient ways to deal with them: our tax advisors and accountants can support your business in Italy and manage it according to international law.
Our company specializes in immigration and business consulting, provided by tax advisors and immigration lawyers working in synergy to find the best solution for your specific business and immigration requirements.
Our multilingual staff is at disposal to assist during the whole process: a preliminary counseling with the basic information will assess the requirements and procedures to fulfill for any specific case, such as work visas, study abroad applications, job migration, family reunion or investment immigration.
Consulting charges will be deducted in future visa service progress.
  • Basic consulting (up to one hour): A Korean immigration manager will inform you of the possibility of obtaining a visa based on basic information regarding immigration and visa. Most overseas study, employment, and family registration visas are available through basic consulting.
  •  Immigration lawyer consulting (up to one hour): A customized consulting service is required when applying for business-related visas, such as an investment visa, or for other kinds of documents, such as those related to a family reunion. We provide the assistance of a local Italian immigration lawyer, with the support of an employee to help you communicate your needs.

Consulting can be done in our offices in Italy or from remote by e-conference with the main systems of communication; our staff is at disposal to provide information in the main languages.

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