Trademark registration

Protect your brand by registering a trademark.

By registering trademark you will have the exclusive rights to use the name, logo and design of your company, preserving your uniqueness and protecting your intellectual property.

Our experts can manage the entire process of trademark registration in Italy and/or in the territory of the whole 28 countries belonging to the European Union.
The documents required to register a trademark are:
  • Information about the company/brand (company name/owner’s name, legal address, tax number)
  • Passport of legal representative
  • Representative data in Italy (the address to which correspondence will be sent)
  • Brief description of the company’s activities, indicating the category of products, goods and services
  • Logo in JPG format
  • All descriptions must be provided in Italian
The trademark registration request process can be fulfilled in a few days by our experts; from that moment, your trademark and intellectual property will be protected by the international copyright laws
Our service can be provided in the main languages thanks to a dedicated assistant that will be at disposal for the full duration of the process, managing communications and activities with advisers.
The service is available both for individual clients and for companies. For further information just contact our staff via e-mail or by phone.
To learn more about our services, please do not hesitate to contact our staff via Contact Us, email, or phone +39 380-370-7076 (Whatsapp/Viber/Telegram)

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