Market Development

Find distributor or producers relying on our team of experts to develop your business in the local market.

The Local Market Development Program is the smartest and most cost effective way for foreign companies looking to doing business in the local market.

The Program aims to provide a professional market analysis and finding agents, distributors or buyers specifically operating in the target market.
The program includes legal consultancy to assess the requirements necessary to comply with local regulations and to subscribe to trade contracts with the local partners. After the closing, the contracts, a dedicated team of multilingual experts can provide assistance with communications, logistics, and operations in the local market.
The Program is structured according to 2 different levels:
Analysis & Research:
A dedicated team will provide a professional product and market analysis to assess the potential and the positioning of the product in the local market. Our expert will then elaborate an analysis considering demand, legal requirements, pricing and competitors providing a full insight into the local market. Once the requirements and the positioning have been assessed, our staff will find distributors, agents or buyers interested in the product, providing a professional corporate profile of the prospects. Our staff will then take care of introducing your company, managing preliminary communications and will arrange meetings with the distributors or producers contacts.
Dedicated local agent: 
This formula adds to the basic Program a dedicated professional agent that will take care of the relationship with local partners on behalf of your company. The agent will represent your company providing professional advice on logistic, administration, legal issues and customer care contributing to set up a solid local business. In a few words, the dedicated representative agent is a professional and trustworthy local assistant that will save your company time, money and long-range travels.
The Local Market Development Program is available in the main languages and provides experts in several markets;
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